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Posted by Heather on November 12, 2018
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When selling your home, it’s critical to make every square inch of space count. That includes your garage. If your garage is currently an eyesore, take the time to make it into a functional space that the new homeowner can enjoy. That will make it easier to sell your home and maximize your selling price.

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Get It Organized
In preparation for organizing your garage, be sure to declutter and remove any unnecessary items. Either donate them to a goodwill store or put them in storage in a place other than your garage. This will help you see the space and items you have to work with for your organization. The area not used for parking cars or storing large pieces of garden equipment should be optimized for storage, and that storage should look good and function well.

Adding cheap shelves might seem like the cost-effective option. In fact, it’s not. The better option is to add good quality shelves and cabinets. They look better, which makes the space visually appealing. They are also sturdier, making them able to hold more items.

Choose shelves that are aesthetically pleasing as well as sturdy. That will make the garage space memorable to potential buyers.

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Redo the Garage Floor
Redoing the garage floor will make the entire space look clean and ready for whatever the new homeowner might want to do. If the old concrete is in poor condition, have a specialist come out and make repairs. A redone floor will be a major selling point because it amounts to one less thing that the home buyer will need to worry about.

Be sure to also clean the concrete using a specialty cleaner. That will help to remove old grease or solvents that might have gotten spilled. It will also brighten up the surface.

Another option to consider is adding garage flooring. This special flooring will brighten up the area while still allowing you to park your cars inside.

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Add Lighting
Most garages come with a single light that barely allows you to get from the car to the inner door without stumbling. Adding extra lighting that makes the garage more functional and distinctive is a good investment.

Add more lights above for general lighting. It should allow a person to find something on a shelf in the middle of the night.

Add task lighting where it makes sense. If you have a workbench area, make sure that there is good lighting for working on all types of projects. If there is sufficient room for working on a vehicle, make sure the lighting is bright enough to work safely.

Organizing your garage is a smart investment when it comes to selling your home. Potential buyers will be more likely to make a purchase when the space is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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