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Posted by Heather on August 9, 2018
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A well-designed home takes every aspect of its rooms into consideration. While you may spend a great deal planning the layout and picking furniture, it’s important to devote some time to plan to make the most of those in-between spaces as well.

The Beauty In Between Spaces
We’ve all been there — trying to turning the awkward areas in our homes into something chic. From the narrow hallway between the guest room and the kitchen to that weird corner in your apartment, it can be tempting to avoid these unsightly spaces. Instead of ignoring those in-between areas, get the most out of these areas by making open spaces functional and beautiful.

1. Transform Long Hallways
Long and narrow hallways are always a tricky space to decorate. While you don’t want to clutter an already small area, you don’t want to ignore it completely. To handle a hallway, be sure to use flat and horizontally-orientated decorations to encourage a sense of flow throughout the space.

2. Spice Up Swinging Doors
The area behind a swinging door is still part of your home. Don’t let this space go unnoticed. The door won’t always be open, so keep this in mind as you brainstorm design ideas. Keep things small to avoid bumping the door into anything, but do try to make the space interesting. Consider placing a console table with a tall mirror behind a swinging entryway.

3. Separate the Kitchen and the Dining Room
Having an open plan layout for your kitchen is an excellent design choice, but can leave you scratching your head when it comes to dealing with space in between the dining room and the kitchen. While an open-air plan works some of the time, it can be unappealing to stare into a kitchen full of dirty dishes while sitting down to eat dinner.

Solve this in-between awkwardness by setting up a divider or sliding wall between the rooms. Use a patterned divider or a decorative sliding door to separate these rooms. This solution allows you to easily create two distinct spaces in an aesthetically pleasing and efficient manner.

Make every bit of your home work for you. Take control of those in-between spaces by making them into decorative and functional areas. Use these three tips to take your styling and home to the next level.


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