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Posted by Heather on November 15, 2018
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If your basement is cold, dark and not very inviting, it may be time to consider making some changes. You might have always hoped that you would fully remodel and finish your basement someday, but that day never came. Don’t let the time and cost keep you from having an awesome looking basement. There are several simple things a homeowner can do to make their basement space cozy and more usable.

Paint the Ceiling and the Steps
A fresh coat of paint always brighten things up. A tip from suggests that you paint the ceiling of your basement. This will brighten the space and bring more life into your basement. Another nice touch is to add more lighting in the basement. Overhead lighting or freestanding lighting will brighten those dark corners of your basement.

If you have wooden steps to the basement, consider updating them with a coat of paint. Remember to paint the hand rails, too. There is also a variety of colorful, stylish stair treads. They enhance the stairwell with a splash of color, and more importantly, they will make climbing the stairs safer and less slippery.

Improve the Air Quality
Like in many people’s homes, the basement frequently becomes cluttered with things you don’t really want or use. Throw out or donate the old toys and the old clothes that no one in your household wants anymore. It will do wonders to eliminate any musty, moist smells. In the case of the items that you want to hold on to, why not dedicate a single area for storage?

Check your basement windows for drafts or leaks. You should also check if the windows open and close properly. The room will benefit with a cleansing airing out. It will also help to keep the temperature more moderate. Improving airflow in the basement will prevent it from becoming too cold or too hot. Dress up your windows with new blinds or curtains. That will make it look cozy and homey.

Update The Flooring
You may want to consider covering your floors with tiles or indoor/outdoor carpeting. This will depend on the type and condition of the existing surface. Create a hobby area or play area centered around cozy area rugs. They’re easy to vacuum up and keep clean. Of course, make sure you know the best ways to keep your carpet clean so that your basement doesn’t end up dirty, smelly, or worse.

Your basement will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You’ll have a brand new room for your entire family to enjoy. Or, if you are needing to sell your home, you will have added value to your home and it is something that will attract many potential buyers your way.

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