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Posted by Heather on June 1, 2018
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When you’re ready to relocate or move into a house, it’s time to sell your apartment and find a new buyer. Although you may be prepared to list it on the real estate market, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure you find someone interested in the property. If you want to get your apartment ready for the listing, there are a few necessary steps you need to take as the owner beforehand.

Perform Repairs
If you live in an older apartment, there are likely many different repairs needed to increase the functionality and appeal of the setting. Consider scheduling an inspection to ensure a professional has cleared different parts of the unit and will be able to identify areas that need to be repaired. Performing needed repairs will increase the value of the apartment and can avoid turning off buyers who may not want to put any work into the home.

Get Your Paperwork Done
Any real estate purchase will require quite a bit of paperwork. Be sure your apartment listing is ready with the correct paperwork in line. Get the mortgage and loan information up-to-date. If you are using a VA mortgage or loan, see if anything will be changed with new owners. Get the insurance information, lease agreements or any deeds ready as well. You’ll have to list your property on the right channels, so be sure you choose some of the most well-known.

Deep Clean Each Room
Expect that buyers will be inspecting every inch of the home from top to bottom before making an offer, which will require you to deep clean the setting and ensure it shines and looks well-maintained. Hire a professional to deep clean the carpets and consider using a maid service to assist with dusting, cleaning the ceiling fans, and other tasks.

Stage the Setting
A practical and useful way of finding a buyer quickly is to stage your apartment to ensure that buyers can envision themselves living in the home. You can hire a professional stager or do it yourself to create a stunning setting that looks contemporary. Consider using neutral slipcovers on your upholstered furniture items. Put fresh white towels in the bathrooms and remove any clutter that is present, which will open each room. Removing personalized items is also necessary to avoid reminding potential buyers that you’re still living in the apartment.

Paint the Walls
Repainting the walls in your apartment will make the setting look fresh and new again while covering up any scuffs that are present. Choose neutral color shades to avoid having a bold environment that is dramatic. Beige, white, and gray are the top paint colors to use when redesigning the home and making it presentable.

Preparing your apartment for the real estate market with basic renovations will make it easier to sell and will allow it to stand out. With the right steps taken, you can increase its value and allow it to look contemporary.

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