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Posted by Heather on September 18, 2018
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Gated communities come with an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury behind their vaulted metal gates and sturdy guardhouses. And indeed, living in one can provide a wealth of benefits not seen in ordinary homes. When you go house-hunting, research these benefits to help you decide if living in a gated community is right for you.

Not all gates are guarded with the same intensity. Look up the crime statistics in the town you’re moving to, then check out the security systems on your gated community of choice. A secure location will have active guards at all hours to usher homeowners swiftly in and out and reject potential trespassers such as door-to-door solicitors. It will also feature state of the art security systems to support the manpower, including cameras, motion sensors, and a text message alert network to keep all homeowners on the same page. A properly defended gated community will grant you a modern fortress of state of the art security systems that you can live behind in safety and comfort.

Within the gated community is, well, a community of fellow homeowners. With the added security, your children can play together safely on the streets. This will lead to socialization between you and your neighbors. Be sure to research all of the community’s features. There could be residents-only tennis courts and a swimming pool, featuring aerobics classes for all your exercise needs. There may be scheduled events such as barbecues and backyard parties to entertain the residents. Gated communities also have a board of directors, where you can go to voice your opinions on the state of your community and have a direct hand in leadership.

There is a certain luxury to a proper gated community. Houses built there tend to be on the upper end of design and accommodations, and their location in the community is a further boon on property values. As mentioned above, there will also be exclusive outdoor facilities like pools and workout centers. Some older gated communities in the east are even overlooked by a manor house open to the public and capable of hosting a library, and indoor functions during the winter months.

You can also be sure that you can keep your own personal luxuries without worrying about anyone taking advantage of them. For example, pools and hot tubs can often be taken advantage of in communities where security isn’t very well done. You can rest easy knowing no one is rummaging around in your backyard with a gated community. Additionally, owning a pool or hot tub also comes with liability concerns if someone were to injure themselves on your property. In a gated community, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a hot tub without all of the responsibility. All this, combined with the extended security, will improve the quality of your lifestyle.

There are many prices of gated communities available on the market. You can reap the benefits at proper cost and enjoyment. And whether you are looking for a home within or without a gated community, talk to our professionals who can help you find the perfect home for you.

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